Tactile Tuesdays - 2000 m2

art - craft - design, through an open workshop concept focusing on the conept "2000 m2". 

every Tuesday 1:30-4:30 om at Hofs Lifs / Under Ekarna. 

starting 22/3

Every tuesday we open up our workshop for people to explore and try diffrent crafts, art and design concepts. The idea is to work with the theme of 2000 m2 and explore together with others who also want to learn and explore more tactile processes. Try and learn designing, planting, woodworking, painting, making food and see the process from raw material to a finished product. The workshops are hosted together with students from the Design+Change program at the Linneaus University. 

The workshops are free of charge and are open to anyone interested. If you want to join for a Tactile Tuesday please sign up here: ekarna@underekarna.com