Welcome to a presentation & exhibition of Food Ecologies Studio/HOTmess, a collaboration between designers Charlotte Moore and Maria Saeki, currently participating in the Food Ecologies pilot residency in Växjö.

At Hofs Lifs/Under Ekarna
Monday November 7th
Kungsgatan 29, Växjö

Studio/HOTmess employ practical research methods to critique floral and landscape extractive processes through the design of ceramic tiled façade surfaces.

During their design residency in Växjö, Charlotte and Maria have been investigating the specific material format of the planted tiled façade within the context of waste harvest material in Småland through two singular, globalised plants: Zea mays and Rosa canina.

ESSAY EXPERIMENT - presentation
We also welcome Mirab Nawaf presenting her experiment studying the CO2 uptake in potato leaves as a way to explore methods for battling the climate crisis. Mirab is a Bio/Chemistry student at the Katedralskolan IB-programme.

Charlotte Moore is a multi-disciplinary designer working within the fields of art and architecture based in London.

Maria Saeki is a designer and architect based between Tokyo and London.


Food Ecologies is a pilot residency exchange programme between Scotland and Sweden. Food Ecologies is organised collaboratively by Cove Park, IASPIS and Linnaeus University. The programme is co-founded by IASPIS and the British Council through the Circular Cultures programme.